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  • Change colour of one forum

    I have a forum where one of the sub forums is run by some ladies and dedicated to them. I wanted to change that forum colour to something more lady like , probably pink. Is there a way to do that??

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    You can specify a custom style for an individual forum:

    Admin CP -> Forums & Moderators -> Forum Manager -> Edit Forum ->
    Custom Style for this Forum


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      tnx jack. I saw that. But that means that I have to make another style which I do not know how to do. Is there a way to have a same style only with different colour?

      Simply said I am not good with codes and stuf and thing you people do


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        Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Add New Style

        Select your current style as the parent. Now the child style will inherit everything from the parent except those templates, colors, settings that you change in the child.


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          Jake tnx your help is vital. Here I go. Damn ladies make me do this code things


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            Oh jack sorry ,
            so far so good, where is the damn colour setting. Just to change everything to pink ...or rather that that two pink levels like I have here two levels of blue


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              Can somdeone that had expirience with it tell me where to change colours, in which part of the new style.


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                What exactly do you want to change in the other sub forum/category?

                If it is not the whole style, then you will need to use template conditionals in certain templates to amend the look and feel of your forums.

                What is it that you want to look different?


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                  Tnx for your answer. I am ok with forum or functions of the forum. I just want to change colours in it. To make it appropriate for them.


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                    Sure, and to do that I am asking what exactly are the locations/pages/items that you want to appear in a different colour? Once we establish that, someone here can provide the detail you require.


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                      Oh sorry I though I was clera. ok here we go. As you look at the forum of vBulletin.

                      Once someone enter it should be like entering in another room with same furnitur just with different colours.

                      Background where" vBulletin 3.5.0" stands

                      Tab where ''User CP FAQ Members List" stands

                      Tab where "Thread / Thread Starter" stands

                      Tab where "name of the thread stands and background in it"

                      Background where for example stands "Today 1:25am by Kiren"" for when was the last post.

                      And when they replay to have the same colours.

                      tab "Reply to Thread" bacground

                      I think that its in Edit font/colour in Main css, but what is what and is it there where I should exepriment with colours.

                      Tnx for patience that you have with me


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                        All of the colors are defined by classes in your:

                        Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Main CSS (in the menu)


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                          ok I got it almost all
                          Last edited by goran69; Sat 8th Oct '05, 11:54am.


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                            I can not find a way to change this blue, can you tell me where I can change it ?
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                              Originally posted by goran69
                              I can not find a way to change this blue, can you tell me where I can change it ?
                              Those colors are located in Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Main CSS (in the menu) look for the CSS for "Category Strips" and "Table Header" and simply change the backround color.If your current style is using backround images for those area's you should see something along these lines in the backround color portion "#0C0C0C url(images/tile.jpg)" if so simply remove "url(images/tile.jpg)"


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