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User Ranks & Promotion Issue

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  • User Ranks & Promotion Issue

    I upgraded yesterday from 3.0.7 --> 3.5.0. All seemed to go ok. Initially no user rank images were showing so I updated the counters for users and they appeared.

    I have a system of ranks:

    50 posts --> bronze.gif
    100 posts --> silver.gif

    I also have some promotions set up where if a user scores over x reputation points he is put into a new usergroup with a new rank image. He is also put into a usergroup is he has less than 0 rep points. This all worked great before.

    The problem is with the rank images:

    Promoted/demoted users rank images DO NOT change unless I manaully update counters. I know the promotion was succesful because I see it in the logs:

    The following users were promoted to usergroup VIP : James12

    Also new users signing up DO NOT get any rank image displayed in their posts.

    I have been reading threads here where other user's are reporting similiar rank image problems. I feel this is a bug in Vb3.5 and yes I have read the manual on the changes to the rank system. My display type is set to 'always' for all ranks and not stackable.

    Can anyone offer a solution before I open a formal ticket??

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    Someone else must be experiencing this issue?


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      yes i'm having this "problem" as well. any ideas anybody?


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        Report it as a bug. Ranks are cached in 3.5, so it's probably not updated when the promotion happens.


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          Hey thanks Mike...Wanted to see if anyone else had spotted this.

          Reporting now.


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            Any news on this as I am experiencing this same issue.