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  • Polls messed up

    After a recent import I am left with a problem with polls. When a Member creates a new poll it creates the poll fine and it appears at the top of the right thread. However if someone votes in it on the return back to the thread it will return them to an old thread which did have it's own poll. However that original poll appears to have been overridden by the new poll and the new poll now appears attached to two threads.

    I can live with deleting all the old polls if necessary so is it possible to delete all the polls from the forum?

    I am running vBul 3.5 Gold.

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    I'm having the same problem, are there any known solutions?


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      The problem I had with this is related to the fact I am running an older version of PHP. I am unable to upgrade it until I upgrade the entire server. Currently I am running RH9. A work around is to turn off the plug-in system. Not just disable any plugins, but actually turn it right off in the settings. I don't like not having plug-ins, but what choice so I have?