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  • message you have entered is too short

    "The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 1 characters."

    Just updated to 3.5.0 Release Candidate 3, and after doing so I went to make a reply in my forum and got this message after posting a pretty lengthy reply. So I was confused and hit the back button on my browser and filled in the title with some gibberish. it was a reply, so i thought a title wasn't necessary...but when I filled in the title with gibberish it worked and posted my reply into the thread.

    now it seems its necessary when making a reply to post at least 1 character (because I have the minimum characters per post set to 0) in order for a reply to be allowed.

    im sure this is wrong and that this shouldn't be happening, is it something I did? can this be fixed? any help would be appreciated...thank you in advance
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    Hmmm I haven't experienced this problem and I am running 3.5 rc3 as well. It lets me reply with putting a subject in. Perhaps you should check your vbulletin settings for minium characters per post.
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      We have two users who are getting this problem

      Seems to happen a lot more after upgrades. Hope we can all figure it out. - THE place for spinal cord injury information.


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        We now have a dozen users reporting this problem. We just upgraded to 3.5. - THE place for spinal cord injury information.


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          Why you upgraded to RC3 and not final?

          To fix your problem, try creating a new Style without parent, switch to this new style and try to make a post.
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            This is happening for me too.
            I upgraded from 3.08 to 3.5.


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              Add a new Style and select 'No Parent Style'. This will force it to use the default templates. Switch to this Style and see if the error still occurs.
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                I have been experiencing the same problem but my 3.5 installation is brand new and not an upgrade. I have just experienced the problem making this very post on your board (this is the second time I'm typing this) usually when this occurs I can just hit the back button on my browser and get the text back hit post again and with no modifications it posts. Unfortunately this time it didn't work. I have also experienced this on other vb sites. I do use Firefox could this be the problem?
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                  I am getting about 4 or five users saying they are getting this error as well. I have the Minimum Characters option in the admincp disabled. These users are typing in a few paragraphs and getting this error message that the post is not long enough?

                  Granted, I am only getting a very few small complaints out of over 100K users, but still there seems to be a slight problem not affecting all uses. I am using vb 3.5 with the security patch from 3.5.1.

                  any ideas?


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                    Have them clear their temporary internet files.


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                      Thanks, I'll try that.


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                        Go to AdminCp>vB Option>Message Posting and Editing Options>Minimum Characters Per Post
                        If this number is set to a value greater than 0, users must enter at least that number of characters in each new post.

                        Note: setting this to 0 will not completely disable the minimum characters per post check. Users must always enter at least 1 character.
                        and set it up to 0 or 10

                        That means if someone types hi and u have it set up as 10. They will need to type extra before it allows them to post/make thread.
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