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why do links get abbreviated?

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  • why do links get abbreviated?

    the links look fine in the editor, but once
    i click on preview or submit the post

    the link works, but it shows up as abbreviated

    the regular link like

    to like

    is there a way to not make this happen?

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    Post shorter links? Its so links wont stretch posts by being too large.


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      the link i have isn't even that long though...

      and its weird that it would show up correctly on some forums, but not others...


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        and if it shows up fine in the editor....shouldn't it show up the same when you view it?!

        isnt that the point of a WYSIWYG editor?


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          ok there is a way to get around this, but i seriously don't understand why this happens

          if you have a link and it shows up as abbreviated

          change the font to 1 size smaller OR change the font to arial, it solves it...why is this?! its the same link


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            You were given the reason... It makes for a cleaner display. It doesn't hurt the effectiveness of the link itself, just the display text. The only way to circumvent it is to edit the code or create shorter display text.
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              can you explain why the first link with verdana font, font size 2
              shows up the link abbreviated

              and link two i used ariel black and font 3; it takes up much more room, but not abbreviated

              i mean if you can explain to me why this happens i would really appreciate it


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                Because you applied formatting to it. It seems there is code that doesn't truncate if formatting is applied. Most likely to maintain that formatting.

                Like I said, You can remove the truncation by editing the code.
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                  Hate to be dumb but is this something that needs to be turned on?
                  I have the following link on my board
                  that is not truncated. Should it be?
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                    The issue is most likely the - whicch vB interpets as hyphens. A Dev would have a better answer I'm sure.
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                      Changing this does require source code changes as the truncate is hardcoded as far as I know.