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Simple Logo - Help (please)

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  • TheMusicMan
    Alternatively, you could go over to Sitepoint and run a logo design contest...

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  • zemic
    If your looking to straight swap your logo for vbulletin's in the default templates, you need to create a new image in Paint Shop Pro (or any graphics program which can save files as GIF or JPG) to the size of 209 pixels wide x 85 pixels high.

    Step 1: After you' created your image, you need to save it as a GIF or JPG (depending on logo complexity, colours will come out better in one or the other), and then upload it to your server. I would upload the file into your "<yourforumdirectory>/images/misc/" and name it "mylogo.gif" or "mylogo.jpg" for example.

    Step 2: Login to your Admin CP, click on Style Manager, and select "Style Vars" from the drop down menu next to the style you wish to change the logo for. On this page look for "Title Image" text box, and change the file name within the text box from:


    (replace mylogo.gif with whatever you called the file)

    Does that make sense?

    p.s. you could overwrite the original vbulletin file with your file and then you could skip step 2, but just incase it all goes wrong name it differently, and it saves you having to download the original image. You can "revert" the "Title Image" box to point to the default Vbulletin image if it all goes wrong while you make a new image.....or something...
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  • hitmanuk2k
    The easiest option for you is this. Download the logo file for the default vB logo. Open this in Paintshopro. Colour it all in white (or whatever colour). Type some logo text or whatever you want. Then just re-save the file under the same name. Upload it to the same location as it was downloaded from, and hit refresh on your vB.

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  • dmc2175
    started a topic Simple Logo - Help (please)

    Simple Logo - Help (please)


    I was advised by someone at vb to get a copy of painshoppro which I did in order to design a logo for my site, I did a basic one, but can't get it to appear, I know how to change the file name from the vb image in my admin panel, but it still does not appear. I've never used stuff like paintshop pro before.

    Is there anyway to use word art or something easy for a logo? I really need a logo to complete my site but don't know how to get one. Any suggestions for a simpleton like me? Is there any templates anywhere that I could use and overtype etc with my info?

    Would it be easy for someone like to me to design a logo in front page then insert my vbulletin into the frontpage file? I know how to work frontpage but don't know how to get vb into it - any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for help anyone may be able to provide.


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