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File upload problem in ISS

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  • File upload problem in ISS


    i am running Vbulletin 3.0.8 on a Dell PowerEdge 2600 server, with Windows 2003 server, Dual Xeon processor and 4 GB of memory.

    I am running PHP 4.3.11 with Mysql 4.0.16 and my forum is hosted on ISS.

    I used to have problem uploading files to forum. With the below ticket i was able to solve it. (REMOVED BY FLORIS)

    Now i get this message when i try to upload files to my forum

    File Too Large. Exceeds PHP's limit of 8.00 MB

    I have also opened a ticked at Vbulletin support which can be accessible from this link. <REMOVED BY FLORIS>

    I was told that there might be some ISS settings needs to be changed to allow uploading files again.

    Interesting is that i can upload verly little files that are in 1 to 5 KB in sizes. But all other updates fail with this message

    File Too Large. Exceeds PHP's limit of 8.00 MB

    even though none of them are larger than 8 MB

    I would appreciate any help on this issue.

    Last edited by Floris; Sat 3 Sep '05, 1:48pm.

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    Apologies for the late reply, let's handle this in the support tickets!

    Which codes I have removed to avoid others from logging in as you and being able to view these support tickets or to pretend they are you.


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      I would like to have more vbulletin support people to look at my ticket if possible. Thats why i posted the link of the ticket here.



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