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Fatal error: Database class not found

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  • Fatal error: Database class not found

    Went to install vBulletin 3.5.0 Release Candidate 2 and this error came about. I checked the config file and changed it to the previous settings and it still doing this.

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    This is a first time, fresh installation?
    Did you rename the includes/ file to config.php
    Make sure you have uploaded ALL the files, keeping the directory structure.


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      Nah this is an upgrade.


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        Went to install ...

        Don't run install.php, but run upgrade.php


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          When I run that it does the same.

          My host said this to me

          Your site won't work fine, without a valid config file which contains the info about the database used for At the moment, there is nothing in your config file. I checked the server backups and there is no config file there as well. Please re-upload your config file, if you have such a file with you. Or else you will have to reinstall myblock.

          I have no clue what they mean.


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            If your host can look at the content of your files, and see the file is blank and has no settings in them, I think they mean the file is empty and has nothing written in them. Make sure you upload all your files correctly. If you want, I could take a look at your config file. PrivMsg me your FTP host and user/pass and tell me in which dir vBulletin is installed, and I could have a look. If you don't feel comfortable doing that you don't have to of course.


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              Fixed your config.php file.

              But when I visit your forum I notice the error, which afaik is cache issues.
              See here:


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