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    I too have this problem but the templates both have the correct avatarurl syntax. The thing is these avatars are being displayed as text as well in the user profile display.
    Last edited by Sidewindr; Fri 25 Nov '05, 4:56am.


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      Sidewindr, I had this problem too and mine was just like yours. Heres what fixed mine.
      Go to Style Manager, then in the drop down box beside any of the styles/templates you have select revert all templates. Now you have to delete the style you want ot use. If it is set as the default syle you need to change that but going to vbulletin options. In there select the Styles and languages option. In there reset the default template and save.
      Now go back to Style manager, and on the style that you were using and having the problem with click the drop down box and go down to delete.
      Now go to Download/Upload styles and reupload the style.
      I don't know how or why but this fixed my problem.


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        My problem is not in any style or template.

        The problem is to do with either php or apache I think, the avatars are stored in the DB fine and can be uploaded into the DB fine however displaying them just will not work.

        The odd thing is that if I put in the URL to display the avatar (eg. which is Zachery's on this forum I don't get an image instead I get a broken image in my browser (IE) or the url as text in Firefox. ..


        Why or what would be causing this? I am sure it's a php.ini setting that's doing it. The odd thing is that the data is being sent but there are 2 Content-Length lines in the Header presumably one from php and one from apache and they differ by 1 byte with the php one being the correct byte count and the apache one being 1 byte larger.


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          Problem solved with the help of vbulletin support! Thanks guys you helped alot under tricky circumstances

          Problem was a CR at the bottom of the config.php file .. d'oh!!


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            Sidewinder, can you describe how you fixed you problem a little more please?
            I am having the same problem and Skelp's solution does not fix it and I don't understand what you mean about the CR at the bottom of the config.php page. I checked my config.php page and don't see any CR... or is CR a short form for something? Any help is greatly appreciated from anyone.


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              a CR Is a Carridge Return .. it's essentially a newline .. the very last characters of your config.php file MUST be the ?> characters designating the end of the PHP statement.. anything after that will end up in the image data.


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                Dang.. checked that out and no CR...
                Anyone got any other ideas?


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                  Check all of your php files then .. there may be a stray character. A space or any other character after the ?> will also do the same thing.


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