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  • upgrade instructions?

    The announcement for v3.5 Beta 4 says to "use installation instructions from previous betas" but gives no link. I looked at the announcements of all previous betas, and still found no installation instructions. Could someone please post a link?

    Should I just delete my entire forum directory and upload the new files?

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    Hi there permutations.

    What you need to do is upload all of the new files and overwrite all of the old ones. If you haven't uploaded any addiditional files or images and you think it would be easier for you to just delete the entire directory you can do that as well. I have done so in the past. Remember that you will have to edit config.php to reflect the settings you want. After you have uploaded all of the files, run /install/upgrade.php and you should be set


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      Okay, then the file list is the same - no legacy files from 3.0 that need to be deleted? Or does the upgrade script take care of that?

      All I've added are a few smilies. I'll upload the new files over the old (after setting the values in config.php, of course) and see how it goes.

      Thanks for the info.


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        In all honesty the upgrade instructions need to be updated for 3.5:

        Everything is the same except for the config.php file. The one for vB 3.5 is very different than the one for vB 3.0.x. Here is how to do this:

        1. Copy your exisiting config.php file to config.php.307 as a backup.
        2. Upload all the vB 3.5.0 files. Makes sure that all non-image files are uploaded in ASCII format and that you overwrite the ones on the server.
        3. Copy the 3.5 file (in the includes directory) to config.php
        4. Edit the new config.php file according to the info in the config.php.307 file.
        5. Then run the install/upgrade.php script from your browser.
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