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config.php - need help!

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  • config.php - need help!

    Okay, I'm new to vB so I'm learning as I go (with help of a current vB user who's not on). Anyhow, I went into my config.php file and took out our 1,2 from the undeleteable users area and added 2 to every other forum access thingy that I was listed on. Fine and dandy, mine worked. She hasn't been on today to check hers, so I went and added another user value to that I was going to use as a test admin - I didn't do anything but add one more number like this '1,2,3' into the appropriate fields, then hit save. Now I'm getting this error:

    Unable to add cookies, header already sent.

    File: /home/degrassi/public_html/includes/config.php
    Line: 110

    How do I fix this!?

    Forget it, my hosting solved it - f5hosting ROCKS for anyone looking for a great hosting service. I had left space at the end and it caused that problem.

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    Whoopdie Doo

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    Ah you got it solved Good, then I don't have to suggest to check for the space