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    I had the same problem recently because I added a very large download database to my forum. Although I am not having problems uploading a ~670 MB file anymore after tweaking php.ini.

    You just need to make sure that you store your attachments in the file system and not in the vBulletin database. That is already bad when handling many attachments of small size (1 MB in my case).

    To upload such large files you need to make sure that your limits in php.ini are set high enough. The memory limit can still be as low as 16M it doesn't limit attached files to this size. Only post and upload limit is important. Also set a high enough execution time. I am uploading at 10 Mbps so even ~670 MB don't take too long.

    Btw... I am running Windows Server 2003 Standard with PHP 4.3.7 as ISAPI... a friend of mine didn't get this same process to work on Redhat with PHP 4.3.4 as ISAPI although he had the same values in the php.ini. So I don't know if it works this flawless on Linux as well but IIS 6 has no problems.
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