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Cron job made speed down?

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  • Cron job made speed down?

    i have a large board with 300 thousand posts. I found that the board slowed down itself regularly. after i study the progress i found that cron job slowed down the whole server. CPU load was even higher than 5.00
    Do you have the same problem?

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    If the cron job is performing server intensive tasks then the performance hit will be noticable while it is running. The server performs nightly cron jobs, during which time the site slows way down.


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      will the "hourly cleanup" make server slow too?


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        It shouldn't.


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          Originally posted by Jake Bunce
          It shouldn't.
          After hours of tracking this down, it appears that cleanup2.php causes our load to head north of 2.00 for about a minute each time it's run (at :40 every hour). This is causing people to see minute+ delays when posting.

          Otherwise things are fine. Box is never swapping, and the load on the box is normally well below 1.

          Anyways, just a heads up that we're seeing some problems.
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            can i run cron job using the system cron program instead of vbulletin itself? i think it'll put down apache cpu load.