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Some simple question on vb3

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  • Some simple question on vb3

    Hi all,

    I'm sorry I couldn't find a good title for this topic, would somebody please answer my simple questions?!
    (I've searched here alot, bot no good answer for my questions!)

    1. Is there any listed manual on vB 3.0 template tags? some simple template variables for some images and words,

    2. how can I have the style of every user in his/her postbit template (Legacy Mode)

    3. Is there anyway to subscribe a group of users to a forum from admin panel!?

    4. Is there any hack on turning the dhtml popup menu for users on postbit to the simple icon/text linked mod? same as vb2 ?

    Thanks in advance

    [ I asked these questions on , but no simple answers and I thought they are related to here too, so Sorry for that! ]

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    1. Not really, I havent done one and i havent seen anyone else release one either.

    2. Number 11

    3. I dont think so to be 100% honest with you.

    4. You can disable ALL DHTML if you want via the ACP.


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      Thanks to Zachery

      About the question no 2, I do not have problem using legacy mod or the new one, I just wanted to have something like this in the postbit template, for example:

      Style: style_name_here

      Thanks again !