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  • Can't upload attachments

    I am running VB3 RC4.

    Today, all of a sudden, I received this error message when I tried to upload an image (or any other file) to my forum:

    "Attachment only partially uploaded."

    And it is neither 'partially' nor totally uploaded. I tried this with various image sizes and dimensions. I sometimes get this error message:

    "The file you uploaded is not a valid jpg (or gif or png) file."

    Why did this happen?

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    Can you paste the full error message here?


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      First I go to some thread. click on new reply. then select 'manage attachements'.
      On the pop-up window I click on browse and select s1.jpg (for exapmle) with size 9.3KB.

      then I click on Upload. I wait, and then I get this error message ONLY (this is displayed on top of the 'manage attachments window':

      Upload Errors s1.jpg:
      Attachment only partially uploaded.

      This is entirelely reproducable.


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        Try reparing and optimizing your tables, have you installed any hacks?


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          I have no hacks in the software. I already repaired/optimized tables a couple of times. I got no errors


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            Can you provide me with a link to your board so i may try? and a test account if its not too much trouble


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              This is a very odd error ive never seen before. Steve or a Dev might be better able to handle this, I'm sorry i was not of more help.


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                Well, you don't have to be sorry. I was wondering. Can there be a problem with the hosting? Can they put limitations on what kind of uploads users can make? I never changed my settings for some time, but I just started getting these error messages tonight. I was not sure of whether this was a bug in the software or a server problem.

                And can you pass my pm to Steve or to devel guys, maybe they can figure out what the problem was?

                Thanks for the help


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                  If steve asks i will, Im sure he will see this in a few hours, he is usualy up somewhat early (at least ive noticed this ) It could be a problem with php or mysql, but again im not very sure.


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                    The problem is resolved by itself.

                    Probably there was an error with the php or mysql server.

                    Sorry for taking your time Zak


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                      Not a problem at all, glad to help


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                        now im getting it, i optimized/repaired 4 times, and all templates are original

                        Attachment only partially uploaded.