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Reset on Profile Fields?

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  • Jake Bunce
    A quick way to wipe all profile fields is to delete all userfield records and then update your counters. First run this query to delete all userfield records:

    DELETE FROM userfield WHERE userid<>your userid

    Replace your userid with the userid of your admin account. You can't update your counters afterwards if your profile is broken! This will exclude your userfield record from being deleted. Also, if you use table prefixes in your database then change userfield to include the prefix.

    You can run this query in your:

    Admin CP -> Import & Maintenance -> Execute SQL Query

    Backup first!

    Then go to your:

    Admin CP -> Import & Maintenance -> Update Counters -> Fix broken user profiles

    Perform that action. This will recreate userfield records for your users. They will all be blank now.

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  • sugoikawaii
    started a topic Reset on Profile Fields?

    Reset on Profile Fields?


    I was wondering if anyone knew how to batch reset all profile fields using sql query? I'd like for my users to change their stats.

    Thanks in advance,

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