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Moving servers then upgrading to vb3

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  • Moving servers then upgrading to vb3

    Ok Im heading to a new server and I would like to move my vb.
    Is there a simple way to do this without ssh'ing?

    Also, I plan on upgrading my current vb2 to vb3.0 is there a way I could
    setup vb3.0 then import the database via php my admin and be done?

    I would appreicate any help.

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    there is no simplier method than the one outlined at using mysqldump via ssh read

    other methods such as phpmyadmin aren't 100% reliable you could end up with partially complete backup in the first place, which is useless - resulting in your forum data all gone

    if you database is fairly small i.e. total 50-60MB and your web host's server is optimally configured, you could use phpmyadmin to backup each vb forum database individually, but you are at risk of incomplete backups of even individual tables...
    :: Always Back Up Forum Database + Attachments BEFORE upgrading !
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      THanks for the recommendation...but just incase I cannot do it myself, can you recommend anyone who might be able to do it for a decent price?


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        We do not allow solicitation of such services on the forums. If you post to the support system, we can likely help you there.


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          Post in the Service Requests forum on