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testing rc3, ipb conversion then gold, have some questions

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  • testing rc3, ipb conversion then gold, have some questions

    Would appreciate some advice...

    My staff and a few testers have been testing vB since gamma and have tweaked and modified the board over the past months to our liking. Now the problem is, we currently are using IPB 1.2 and need to convert it over to vb.

    So our options are, convert it to vb 2.x via the importer, then upgrade to vb3. The problem there, all our settings that have been tweaked to near perfection on our test board will be lost. Or, we could wait until vb goes gold and wait for the conversion script to come around, but still--our settings at the test board will be lost.

    How can we save and then transfer over our settings after we convert to the new board.

    And FYI by settings I mean all of the admin cp tweaks made, all of the template modifications and skins created.

    Thank you,
    Michael Farley

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    The templates can be exported from the test board in a style.xml and imported after the upgrade from ipb > vb2 > vb3.

    The admin control panel settings, another 10 minutes of setting them back.
    You could save the ALL settings page as .html and compare against the upgraded version and set them back.


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      I'm sorry--how do I save the settings to an html file? I need to know exactly how it was setup so I can reconfigure it exactly the same.


      P.S.--Sorry for the long delay, been traveling.


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        Upgrading from vBulletin 3.0 Gamma to vBulletin 3.0 Final will not overwrite your settings. If the settings are that important, then you should wait until the vB 3 Importers are done and import at that point.
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