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Need color fix for posts area

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  • Need color fix for posts area

    I must say this forum has helped me out quite a bit in the last week since we upgraded to version 3 Rev 3.
    From help here, I can now offer our membership a choice in the style menu drop down list styles that are both normal, and also that have been reworked to fix that sizable font issue that is messed up with Internet Explorer not letting a user change the size of fonts when viewing us.

    We run two different colored templates.
    One is like our old VB 2 forum in a grayish color, and we call it YotaTech Original.
    The new template I made is called YotaTech Extreme and is in black.

    The problem is in the area where you read the post some smilies are not fully showing up in the black colored forum on account of the smilies have black arms or legs as seen in this post.

    Looks good in the gray style, but not black.
    I am wondering if there is a way to get just the text are where you see the sig file and my text to be a lighter color without effecting the main forum entrance page, in other words just a lighter color in the posts.

    Also on the old software with the gray forum colors, we were able to have two shades of gray so one post would be one color, and the reply to it would be a darker color.
    The settings for that in VB2 was the first and second alternating colors.

    It does not work with VB3, as when we try it, all it does is put the second color in the area where the username and avatar resides, while the text areas are all the same color as the first alternating color.

    I guess this was a two part question.

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    You can modify the postbit and postbit_legacy template for that style and instead of the alt1 or alt2 as class, you can set a custom class which is lighter in color.
    Good luck!


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