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custom profile field in postbit getting html filtered?

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  • custom profile field in postbit getting html filtered?


    I have a small problem. I was using the custom profile field to add things to the postbit area under the avatar. I've been doing this fine for some time under VB2. But now with the upgrade to VB3RC4 I've been getting an inconsistant error.

    Only the admin can enter data into my new fields. Some of my field entries contain html so I can add graphics under a person's avatar. One of the features I was planning add was to honor our military veterans who visit my forum with a graphic representing their rank and service specialty (aviator, electronics spc, etc).

    But sometimes the VB3 RC4 is turning my tag markers into "<" and ">". But it isn't doing it all the time. Sometimes it does it. Sometimes it don't.

    Is there a way to control it? Since those fields are not used by the user and only by me I would like to be able to use html.

    How do I tell VB to stop filtering my html commands in custom profile fields?

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      If you have a large base usergroup, and your assiging them a generic rank, you may be able to accomplish this by using by using additional usergroups and if conditionals in the templates.

      However, by default none of the user profile field will parse any "risky" characters.


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        Thank you for replying.

        But I don't think that's it. The problem is the VB is chosing by itself on an individual basis wheter or not to parse html characters.

        this is a sample page.

        The field is right under the avatar in the postbit. Sometimes the html works, other times the "<" and ">" are turned into "&lt;" and "&gt;".

        How can I tell the VB to let the html pass without the filtering?


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          Honestly I'm not sure. Maybe someone else will know and drop by.


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            Thank you for trying.

            Anyone else?


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              I probed hard into this. Apparently some of the database was altered in my upgrades. Some of the entries in the custom user field were altered. <, >, and quotation marks were altered into "&lt;" "&gt;" and "&quot;". But it was not done consistantly. And new entries from the admin control panel are now filtered.

              I really would like the ability to enter html into these field like I could in VB2. Please VB developers, add in the option to turn the filter off in the AdminCP


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