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superadmin and locked out question?

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  • superadmin and locked out question?

    Decided to give vbulletin3 a go before I have any members. When I first install going through the process of putting in my user id and password, does that make me a superadminstrator straight away? Reason I ask is when I went to set up my fellow administrator I found after looking up your forums that I would have to go into the config.php and do the $superadministrators = 'X'; bit. Should I have put my own id here too, or just my new fellow admin? Oh, and I also locked myself out! Has someone moved the door? I’d closed the board last night before leaving but that should make no difference. Have looked under the mat but no key! Meantime I’ll have a look under the bushes. Thanks.

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    Hi there,

    On a fresh install, the first person to register during SETUP is setup as the administrator.
    In the config.php you can set this user up as undeletable user and super admin. To ensure full power without the risk of getting deleted.

    Everybody that should be super admin should be put there.
    Other admins should have their permissions setup through the admin permissions manager.

    If you are logged out, close browsers, delete your cookies and open a browser and login. Goto the admincp/ directory and login there, open your forum and then goto your forum.

    Good luck.


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      Thanks for your prompt answer, Floris, it worked and I'm now back at the helm.


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        Glad you got things going!


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          Hi! My question is, it doesn't show how to list people?

          It says to add any super admins below.. however, I tried to add and it only lets the first one in..

          How do I add more than one?

          like nick, nick

          or nick nick
          or what?


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            No, NOT USERNAMES USERID's which are NUMBERs

            You add second people by adding a comman