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moving data between vbs

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  • moving data between vbs

    Alright... here is what I would like to do.

    I know I cannot discuss or ask for help on hacks, so please read the whole thing and see this really isn't about hacks. I recently installed a hack on a test forum and it worked prefectly, though when installing it on the 'true' forum it has caused an error...

    So my question is.. is there a way to move files from one data base to the next. Because I want to move all my files to the working hack. So for a better description...

    Let's say I have to vb forums, forum A, and forum B. Forum A is my main one, the one people use, and forum B I use to test things out on before I put them or add them to database A. So when I installed this hack it worked prefectly on B, but when installed on A it comes up with an error. So is there a way to move all my messages, forum post, forum threads, PM's, users, all over to B?

    Any help would be great!

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    Your error is best discussed with the author of the hack.

    If it works on one site, but not the other, then my advice is really to fix the error.

    Otherwise you have to HOPE that exporting (close live site, make dump), importing (on test site, applying hack) and exporting (from test site) and importing it again (to the live site) actually works.


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      i upgraded to the newest version of VB and it fixed the error


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        Hi again

        Great! Glad it is resolved.