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  • Floris
    Yeah, you do have to start hacking

    Editing posts is meant for updating typing errors or rephrasing poor choice of words.
    Of course, it is also used to update news items and other important information, like version numbers, etc.

    I can see why you'd like to have updated posts listed as new.
    Personally, I wouldn't use it on my site.

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  • AndrewD
    started a topic Last Post by or Last Edit By

    Last Post by or Last Edit By

    The standard forum templates (and - as far as I can tell - the underlying forumdisplay code) present threads with their "last post by" information.

    When a post gets edited, the date/time/reason are stored (in the editlog table) but, as far as I can tell, the information is not made available to forumdisplay. Yet editing a post can be as significant as adding a new post.

    Am I missing an easy way of making this information visible at the level of forumdisplay?

    Alternatively, what about making "editing" a post optionally equivalent to "submitting" a post, e.g. by providing an option to "touch" the submission date of a post when one makes a key edit?

    I suspect I have to start hacking

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