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wysiwyg editor, popup menus, otextlink class

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  • wysiwyg editor, popup menus, otextlink class

    In the wysiwyg editor, in the colors and smilies popup menus, if there are more items than are displayed there is a text link at the bottom. Both of these, when viewing the source code, appear to be in table cells with the the "otextlink" class. We're having trouble with the text link for more smilies in the smilie popup. The color is unreadable against the background color when first viewed. If you rollover the text, it highlights correctly, and then when you remove the mouse the text is displayed with the link color that matches the rest of the items and is readable.

    With some cross-browser testing, and messing with the styles, I've been able to determine the following:
    -- changing the text color for "<td>, <th>, <p>, <li>" in the Main CSS editor will affect the color for this link. That's all well and good, if the color you want all the other un-classed elements to be matches the color you want/need this particular link to be. (In one of our templates, however, the text color for these items is white, but the wysiwyg editor dropdown backgrounds is a light blue, and thus the white text for the "more smilies" link is unreadable.)
    -- In IE (but not in Mozilla), I see a "more colors" text link in the colors dropdown. It appears to be in the same css class as the smilies link (otextlink), but we are NOT having the same problem with the colors link. Only the smilies link. The colors link in the template we're having trouble with is a dark blue, just like we want it to be, even when you first open up the popup menu...the smilie one doesn't turn dark blue until after you've rolled over it once. And again, the "more colors" link doesn't appear at all in Mozilla. I assume that has something to do with a lack of support for the color-picker popup in Moz.

    After a few hours of poking around the templates and peering at source code, I'm just not sure what to change to make this one errant link pick up the correct color.

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