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  • Files downloading instead of loading

    I just moved my vbulletin to a new server.

    For some reason private messages, the ucer cp, user profiles, and thread options, are causing a download window to popup instead of executing the php script.

    Any idea how to fix this? Permissions problem maybe?

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    Just a guess, but you have given the correct permissions (CHMOD 755 folders, sub folders & files after upload) to all the files & folders so they can be executed?
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    Thanks In Advance



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      That or your server is not configured to understand php, or your server doesnt support it, you should contact your host.


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        Thanks for your feedback.

        The odd thing is, that all of the links work for me, no matter what computer I seem to use.

        However others, including other admins, have the problem.

        It could be a permission error, however it's only those areas I mentioned that has the problem, and I tar'd the files from the old server with permissions when I transferred them to the new server.

        Any thoughts?


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          Check the file permissions. I've seen this happen sometimes when php files are chmod'd to 777. Change these to 644.
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