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160 database errors in one minute

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  • 160 database errors in one minute

    i've got over 160 emails last night that the mysql was not available.

    Database error in vBulletin :
    Link-ID == false, connect failed
    mysql error:
    mysql error number: 0
    Date: Tuesday 03rd of February 2004 10:12:32 PM
    IP Address:
    i have to mention that all the error messages have the same ip address, the same referer and the same time. i think it was a flood.

    what should i do to prevent such a case happening again?

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    When a user tries to goto your forum, it loads the .php page which tries to login to the mysql server to pull out the data to display on the pages of your forum.

    When the .php page is unable to create this connection or unable to pull the data from the database, then you will receive an email.

    This email shows the reason and when it happened. With a busy forum, you can receive a lot of emails.

    The above email in your post shows that there is no connection to be made. Your MySQL server is unreachable. Ask your hosting provider to restart the mysql server.

    In most cases, the issue resolves itself, because the hosting provider might upgrade or update your server software and decide to reboot the system, at that time, the services like the MySQL server are temporary unreachable. Or .. the server has crashed. If it happens a lot, contact the hosting provider and have them check out why it is down so much.

    I hope this explained it a little bit Good luck!