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DEVERSTATED Back help required

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  • DEVERSTATED Back help required

    I backed up my forum in admincp then upgraded to vb3 i have asked my server to restore my backup and they have told me they are getting this error

    [[email protected] httpdocs]# mysql -u gsmforum -p gsmforum <
    ERROR 1064 at line 257352: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '<br />
    <b>Fatal error</b>: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
    <b>' at line 1They said my back up may of timed out !

    Below is the link to my back up, can anyone repair it or make it half right, quite devastated atm

    *** sql link removed protecting privacy ***
    Many thanks for anyone who gives me there time.
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    It is not wise to give out your .sql in public. Everybody can download it and open it, abuse the information to hack into the forum. I advice you to remove it from your post.


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      You should always backup via telnet or SSH. using your AdminCP usualy wont make a 100% usable backup like youve seen. If you need more information on how to backup via SSH or telnet please try this


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        What was wrong with your VB3 upgrade???

        You doing this restore at the shell/SSH right?


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          I presume shell/SSH is how the server is restoring.

          Upgrade is fine its my back up thats the problem,

          I can see the error when i view using cuteftp...... can the back up be edited to get some info back, anything is better than nothing.

          Many thanks

          P.S i can not edit my post


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            Then rename the sql file to somthing else for the time being.


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              have renamed

              I have some info in admincp restored like forums and sub forums but this my error.

              Database error in vBulletin 3.0.0 Release Candidate 3:

              Invalid SQL:
              SELECT forum.forumid, lastpost, lastposter, lastthread, lastthreadid, lasticonid, threadcount, replycount
              FROM forum AS forum

              mysql error: Unknown column 'lastthread' in 'field list'

              mysql error number: 1054

              Date: Tuesday 03rd of February 2004 12:20:06 PM
              Username: GSMForums
              IP Address:


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                Looks like your not using uptodate files or the upgrade had an error some where.


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                  Originally posted by Faranth
                  Looks like your not using uptodate files or the upgrade had an error some where.
                  Forum was as VB3 had been installed from fresh untill server applied back up,

                  Should I upload some files !!

                  Which files should i upload please advise


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                    Why did you try restroing a backup? and a backup of what specificly?


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                      I upgraded from vb2 to vb3 all was ok then i asked server to restore my back up,

                      they said there was a prob with my back up but they have restored best they can.

                      I made the back up in admincp

                      I can access admincp but forum wont show as you can see


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                        What was your backup from?


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                          Originally posted by Faranth
                          What was your backup from?
                          My forum before i closed it to do the VB3 upgrade


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                            Then youd need to reupload vB2 files, as your backup was from vB2, i assume?


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                              Originally posted by Faranth
                              Then youd need to reupload vB2 files, as your backup was from vB2, i assume?
                              Which files do i have to re upload

                              many thanks


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