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Could someone help with this please?

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  • Could someone help with this please?

    Hey all, been a while since i have had a play with vbul, thought id try out vbul3 and am in the process of making a new site. However i can't get my main image to align with the rest of the forum. The image size is 760 pixels and i cannot get it to line up with the main forum (Main Table Width: 790) yet they appear much closer than 30 px.

    I have tried changing the header to no avail, currently it is like so:

    <!-- logo -->
    <a name="top"></a>
    <table border="0" width="$stylevar[outertablewidth]" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" align="center">
     <td><a href="$vboptions[forumhome].php?$session[sessionurl]"><img src="$stylevar[titleimage]" border="0" alt="$vboptions[bbtitle]"></a>
    <!-- /logo -->
    <!-- content table -->
    this makes the site look like this:

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



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    Have you tried changing <td> to <td align="center"> ? (or maybe try it on the <tr> tag too)


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      Originally posted by floris
      Have you tried changing <td> to <td align="center"> ? (or maybe try it on the <tr> tag too)
      thankyou very much floris, that was about the only thing i hadn't tried i think, i presumed it wouldn't work as i had allready tried the original variable but changed to align="$stylevar[center]" which did not work.

      Thankyou very much for the speedy response


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        Hi again,

        No problem, glad I could help.

        The $stylevar[center] won't work because it is not set.
        It is not set because the left/right is made for sites where the left/right has been switched, and since you can't switch 'center' .. it isn't coded.

        Glad it is resolved and have fun modding your site until it is what you need it to be Your forum looks great so far


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          Ah when you explain it like that it makes perfect sense!

          Thanks for the comments i only hope the community can take off when i launch - thanks again!


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