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    even when I activaity this opetion from my CP. its not working, thats mean when I recive new Pm there is no popup windowe appear!

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    Hi there,

    If I understand correctly you do not get prompted (the popup) when you receive a new private message?

    Are you sure you have set these settings in the Admin Control Panel?
    ACP : Options : vBulletin Options : Private Messaging Options : Private Messaging Enabled - YES : Instant Messaging Support - Check for New Private Messages - YES.

    If you are sure you set the above settings, but it still doesn't work, then try this:

    First, make sure your computer software and/or firewalls and things like that is not blocking these kind of popup messages (javascript prompts).
    Secondly, make sure you have javascript turned on and not off. (Check your security settings for your browser).
    Finally, compare the scripts and templates against the 'default' template(s) which generate these scripts and html. You can find them in the template manager. (I.e. if you modified the template pm_popup_script - then revert to default).

    Oh, and did you try a hard refresh? (Control+R) to make sure you load the latest JavaScript code, instead of using a cached one from a previous version of vBulletin?

    I hope this helps, if not; let us know
    Last edited by Floris; Wed 28 Jan '04, 1:09pm.


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      first of all,
      thanks for your replay

      I did all the things u said, but still not working.

      this is the pm_popup_script, with no change at all
      BTW, my vb is vb3rc2
      <script type="text/javascript">
      // script to show new private message popup

      if (confirm("<phrase 1="$newpm[username]" 2="$newpm[title]">$vbphrase[have_new_pm_popup_x_y]</phrase>"))
      // Output when OK is clicked
      if (confirm("$vbphrase[open_message_in_new_window])"))
      {"private.php?$session[sessionurl]", "pmnew", "menubar=yes,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=yes,location=yes,directories=yes,resizable=yes,top=50, left=50");
      window.location = "private.php?$session[sessionurl]";

      // end pm popup script
      Last edited by Jenan; Wed 28 Jan '04, 11:21pm.


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        hi buddy
        it wooooooooorks thanks soooooooo much


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          Hi there again,

          Nice to hear that you got it solved. Glad I could help


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            Hi floris,

            it's halloween so your worst nightmare is striking again.

            when you messaged me here, I got a popup.

            It does not happen for me on my site. Can't be a pc issue if it works here.

            My popup script is unchanged.

            any ideas again?


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