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Reputation System a bit Lacking?

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  • Reputation System a bit Lacking?

    First let me say that if this would work properly it would be the coolest new feature in VB3, and it nearly does work properly, more so on a new VB3 board.

    Ive seen some good questions asked that none of the developers are answering that are really preventing me from opening my upgraded board with the Rep system turned on.

    Questions 1: When you adjust a user's reputation you are able to post a comment. Where is this comment viewable on the board? Where is it stored in the db?

    Question 2: In the 'User' table I can see a field for 'reputation' which stores a users reputation score. I have no clue how VB3 decides how much reputation giving/taking power a user has. It doesn't appear to be in the database so it must be calculated when the user gives/takes rep from someone. Where is it?

    Question 3: Unfortunately VB3 currently does not upgrade a board to reflect reputation scores based on post count, join date etc. I would imagine the developers will make this a feature of the final version of VB3. I have been desperate to try and build a query to edit all user's rep scores based on criteria assigned in the admincp. IE: 1 point for every 90 days. 1 point for every 500 existing posts etc. A query based on posts is not so hard:

    UPDATE user SET reputation= posts/500;

    But what about the rest of the criteria - Like joindate? This has me stumped.

    Question 4: I am also worried that by adjusting everyones rep score the rep power giving points will not relect these changes. Is that the case? Will it screw anything else up if I adjust these values?

    Anyways if the Rep system is not yet ready to use on an upgraded board the way I and others have asked about thats fine, I will turn the feature off until the Gold version arrives. Please let me know if that is the case. However, if it's just a matter of a simple query can someone lend me a hand with it? I would be VERY grateful as I am sort of just waiting for a solution to this before I can open my upgraded board.

    Thanks for reading!

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    1 - The user who receives the comment can see them in their UserCP. The comments are stored in the reputation table. Moderators can edit them in the mod cp.

    2 - Reputation Power is dtermined at run time since it depends on the factors you assign in the Admincp. These factors are dynamic but if you edit a user in the admincp you will see their current reputation power. It is calculated so you can not alter it.

    3 - Reputation scores are based on what other users think of your posts, not how many posts you have or how long you have been a member. All users to start out on an even level when reputation is enabled for the first time. If you wish to seed everyone's reputation with calculated values, you will need to ask at for help since that is not an option at this time.

    4 - A user's reputation score has only has some effect on their reputation power as it is only one of the factors that controls it. You can see it in the reputation options as "Reputation Point Factor".


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