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  • tiered access permissions

    I have been trying to build up a tiered method of forum access but seem to have some trouble. I think my understanding of how the access system works is flawed so I need some help.

    I also want to force registration before being able to access anything.

    To force user registration to view forums I set all default permissions to No for default user groups Coppa, Unregistered/not logged in, awaiting email etc. This acheives the function of requiring registration before being able to view.

    Tested with the admin account or super-mod account it works well.

    Apart from Registered user group, I added 4 additional ones GA,GB,GC,GD

    In the Options panel hide private forums is set to Yes.

    I then made 5 categories with forums and wanted to set access as follows.

    General Area (Reg user group full access)
    Forum 1 (Only Group A access, invisible to group B,C,D)
    Forum 2 (Only Group B access, invisible to group A,C,D)
    Forum 3 (Only Group C access, invisible to group A,B,D)
    Forum 4 (Only Group D access, invisible to group A,B,C)

    I then created 5 user accounts manually to validate Reg, GA, GB, GC, GD. All have Registered as their primary group.
    I then added the additional groups to each user so they can all access General Area, but can only access each of the other forums seperately
    (Reg-General !A,!B,!C,!D),
    (GA-General A,!B,!C,!D),
    (GB-General !A,B,!C,!D),
    (GC-General !A,!B,C,!D),
    (GD-General !A,!B,!C,D)

    But when I try to log in with any of these accounts I get denied access, even to the general area.
    If I bring up the user info for GA and user the "view forum permissions" quick link, it reports access is definately available for the 'General Area' but fails on the access to Forum 1.

    Either I have gone nuts, or it is too late in the evening for me but if I add an additional usergroup to a Registered member, by first creating a custom usergroup, setting access permissions for it, and clicking the sheckbox in the users setup page, they should have access to default usergroup + custom group right?

    Thanks in advance for any advice
    Thanks In Advance


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    I really am just to tired, i posted this to Vb2 forum instead of Vb3 one

    Could someone please move it, thanks
    Thanks In Advance



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