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Ideas on protecting a certain forum's content...?

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  • Ideas on protecting a certain forum's content...?

    Hi everyone..

    Looks like VB3 is really working with PayPal. My members are LOVING it. However, I have a couple of issues that I need to deal with which requires the help of you VB3 experts

    Basically, I have a paying members area that has exclusive content such as videos and other 'big files'. I really like the whole attachment protection thing with vB3, but webbased uploading will simply NOT work. I tried EVERYTHING, and I really do mean EVERYTHING, with the PHP memory limit and post size and max mysql packet size, etc. I litterally tried everything and it wasnt uploading properly, so in the end I HAD to find out a new plan.

    At the moment my videos are not really protected. They are simply sitting in a directory that anyone can just type in their browser and they can check it out. That's if one of my members gives out the URL. Of course, I don't want this to happen.

    So, now my question is: Is there a way I can protect these files somehow so that it fits in the whole vb3 framework? File uploading thru PHP is out of the question (some of my content are videos of 20 megs at most).

    If there's anyone who can give me some pointers or suggestions for what to do, that would be awesome. Any ideas at all, please feel free to spit them out here.


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      just a general thought///

      you could password protect the video directory, and give the password out to your subscribers, and then change it monthly or however often you need to.
      That way in your subscription forum, you would have the link to the video posted, but when clicked on the person would still have to enter a password to get to the actual video file..


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        This is exactly I was thinking. I can maybe make the password part a template so all I need to do is go in the AdminCP and just change the week's password, etc.

        Any other ideas?


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          Here's a call to the VB3 experts. Is it possible to have like a passthrough page for the 'authorized' members to download certain files?

          For example if a subscribed user clicks on a link to download a video they go thru a page like this: download.php?<filename.ext> and then that's where their download starts...?

          Thats another idea...Can anyone shine some light on this?


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