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  • Paid Subscriptions Problems


    I'm testing out 3.0RC2 on my test server and am having problems with the paid subscriptions. Here's what I've done so far.

    1) I have a business PayPal account with IPN turned on and the IPN URL set to

    2) I created a new usergroup called "Subscriber" which, at this point, is the exact same as the usergroup "Registered."

    3) I added a new subscription called "Test Subscription" for $5 for a year. Its usergroup option is set to change the primary usergroup to "Subscriber" -- no additional usergroups are specified.

    4) I go to my test site with a test user, go to the test user's paid subscriptions page, then go through the entire payment process with a secondary (personal) PayPal account.

    5) Watching the logs shows access to the above paypal.php page from PayPal's IPN process as (for example) follows: - - [14/Jan/2004:11:02:22 -0700] "POST /testvb/subscriptions/paypal.php HTTP/1.0" 200 - "-" "-"

    6) Going to my test user's user page shows the user as only being in the "Registered" usergroup.

    7) Going to the Subscription Manager in the admin control panel shows no one as being active in the "Test Subscription" subscription.

    Any thoughts? I've tried doing this several times to no avail. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    No one has any thoughts?

    I tried using some test IPN scripts to contact paypal.php. The scripts return that they were able to reach the paypal.php OK but that the script did not reply...

    Any thoughts or help in this would be greatly appreciated!
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      can the registered usergroup have secondary usergroups


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        Hi Faranth,

        Thanks for your response.

        I'm not too sure what you're asking... It looks like the Registered usergroup has in its options (in the Usergroup Manager in the admincp) "Allow Users to have Member Groups" set to "yes." Does that answer your question? If not, how can I find out?
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          yes, just checking, if its set to no they cannot get moved into additional usergroup


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            Hi Faranth,

            Rats. Too bad it doesn't seem that easy...

            I've tried setting the test subscription to keep the Primary Usergroup as "No Change" and have the Additional Usergroups set to "Subscriber." I've also tried setting the Primary Usergroup to "Subscriber" and the Additional Usergroups totally blank. Either case, there was no change in status for my test user...

            I'm looking through the paypal.php code right now. My understanding of the PayPal IPN (which I've used in some php scripts I've personally written for another site) is that the paypal.php script gets some variables POST'ed to it, and then, the paypal.php script POSTs back the same variables to PayPal. From what I can tell from using some IPN test scripts, the script itself is getting accessed (I can see it while doing a `tail -f` on the logs), but the script is not responding back with the post-back.

            Can a vBulletin developer confirm or deny my understanding of the above procedure? If it's right, any thoughts on how/why the post-back would not occur or might fail? I've tried putting the server into the "DMZ" so that all of its ports are open to the public, but no go there...

            Thanks for any information/thoughts!
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              No developers here able to comment on this?
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                Bumping. I'm needing the same answers.

                Can someone explain how and where to set up Paypal IPN with this? Are there some instructions somewhere?

                Also, we're getting an email from Paypal when a subscription is made but it gives the user's number instead of their user alias name. Is there some way to search for a user by his user's number in the admin?


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                  You shouldn't be getting their user number but should have their username and email address in the email you get from PayPal. I would guess you have PayPal IPN setup incorrectly. At the top of the email mine says (stuff Xed out to protect the innocent):

                  Dear Hank Hagquist,

                  This email confirms that you have received a Payment for $XX.00 USD from
                  newbie (
                  View the details of this transaction online at:


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                    I just set up IPN my self - I should no longer have to search like a blind man for User IDs now? It'll all be nice and pretty in the email?


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                      I didn't have the IPN set up when I got the email with the user's number in it. The email that I got back without IPN had the normal Paypal info plus - Item Number: 5_1021. The 5 stand for the 5th subscription - which is correct as I have 5 subscriptions set up and the one subscribed to was the 5th one. The 1021 is the user's number that I had test it for us. Maybe the user name will come thru properly when I set up IPN.

                      Next question, I haven't seen this brought up in any of the subscription threads. We use this Paypal account for more than our forum subscriptions like selling on eBay and selling stuff from our other sites where we bill the customer. If we set up IPN for our forum, on this one site, does everything that's paid thru Paypal going to hit our forum and cause problems? Or is it just transactions that originate from our forum that the IPN will be involved with? Just don't want to cause problems with our income from other sources.


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                        Originally posted by cditty
                        Can someone explain how and where to set up Paypal IPN with this? Are there some instructions somewhere?


                        Scott also has some documentation on setting up paid subscriptions:


                        In any case, I am still not successful in setting up paid subscriptions. I have tried various combinations of differing usergroups, different subscriptions, and so forth, to no avail. It's odd since, as I write above, watching the logs shows PayPal accessing the paypal.php script...

                        I'm no stranger to using IPN, either, since I've used it to handle other types of payments and such on other servers. I'm at a loss, though, on why vBulletin's paid subscriptions and IPN isn't working for me...

                        I still haven't heard from any developers on this point. Should I put in a bug report?
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                          I moved heaven & earth to get this to work, tried EVERYTHING!!!

                          then i found the problem....

                          wanna know what it was?

                          I wasn't a "verified" paypal user



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                            akiy, do you have cURL or sockets available on your server?

                            Check your phpinfo.

                            The script has to open a connection back to paypal on port 80.
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                              Hehe... hadn't even though about that because I've been a verified member for years.


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