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What colour setting is it?

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  • What colour setting is it?

    On my forums I have the links set to white but on some pages eg. user profiles you can't see the text links because the background is white as well.

    What colour setting is it that needs to be changed? You can see an example of what I'm talking about here

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    Looks like the Body text needs to be made darker.
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      From what it looks like, you are using white text and white links in your body, due to the background being the dark blue. Then, you have some background colors for some of the other sections being set to a lighter color, making the original white links / text almost disappear, or totally disappear...

      You should be able to "override" the white text / link colors in the lighter sections just as you "overrode" the dark blue background for those sections (i.e. - had you not set a background color for the light sections, the background color would have been dark blue like the rest of the page). Just find the sections in your "Main CSS" that have their "background" color set to something light (i.e. - something that white would not work with), and put in dark colors (maybe the dark blue would look good) in the "Text" color and the 3 "Link" sections (i.e. - Normal, Visited, Hover). This should only make your links / text dark when the background is light and keep them white all the other times.

      The places that you are problably going to be looking for are ones with a background set, but not text color or link colors set. If the fields are empty, they are going to "inherit" their big daddy's properties for each empty field...

      Hope this helps!
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        I've fixed it now. Thanks for the help.