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vb 3 Gamma - Characters Corruption! (suddenly!)

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  • vb 3 Gamma - Characters Corruption! (suddenly!)

    Hi there,

    It's so wierd but my Persian vBulletin 3 Gamma (utf-8 encoding) that was working great until a few hours ago, now just shows the first letter of every word (for new posts, all old posts are ok!) and it shows just a nonsense character for other letters of the word, also when you type all letters seperately it shows them well!!
    Also english characteres has no problem.
    I had no changes in codes or any other adminCP options during few days ago, and everything occured suddenly!
    when I checked the corrupted posts in Database they were corrupted there too, (As I thought may be it's from a censorship option!)

    anyways, any Idea will be so helpfull,



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    Can you post a link to your board please.
    Scott MacVicar

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      of course,

      As it has always 30-50 online members and they will post lots of corrupted topics in a few hours so I disabled the forum until I solve the problem, I can make an admin account if needed , just let me know about it, and how can I send that to you, with a PM or a Support ticket ?

      I just thout that it's related to mysql or something like that, but it even corrupts the post after submitting the Preview Button!

      Also I've attached an screen shot of a showthread page and you can see a correct post on the top and a corrupted one at the bottom, (I thought you may have problem with persian characteres!)

      one thing else,
      As you may know, there was a Kernel Update this morning from on redhat and everything started after that (I just guess!) as I contacted the hosting provider, they said they just recompiled the apache after the kernel update,

      Thanks in advance
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        It looks like corruption when the form is being submited then.

        Can you pm me FTP access and I'll make a quick test script to see if its the case.
        Scott MacVicar

        My Blog | Twitter


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          I sent a PM,

          Thanks in advance,


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            I just uploaded the vb 3 RC 2 files in another directory and connected to the main Database (I mean the old one) and everything is ok!
            Now I'm just testing to upload files overwriting the current files! hope it works


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              I dunno what happend, maybe some files were corrupted, anyways, I just Uploaded RC2 files overwriting the old ones and everything working smoothly again!