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Edit the Navbar and remove admin options

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  • Edit the Navbar and remove admin options

    i'd like to do a little editing, spurred by the things i have seen recently.. i work long hours out of the house and need to make the most of my time working on my site, so i'm looking for some sage and direct help in my quest to change a couple of things

    1) edit the navbar

    in this thread trackpads made a request to tun the New Post item on the navbar to become a drop down box that contained more options, specifically more choices to search for

    for anyone that wants to use a portal system, we lack one essential thing.. a link to the forumhome and really, it's a drag and my users are complaining

    what i would like to do: Edit the New Posts and change it to a drop down menu with the following options and look like this

    [Title = Read Posts]
    + Forum Home
    [category = New Posts]
    +Since Last Visit
    +Past 24 Hours
    +Past 48 Hours
    +Past Week
    +Past Month

    i'm sure some people would really enjoy this option

    2) Remove the following in the admin panel to ensure security of dbase access and phpinfo... i have all the access that is needed to perform this stuff without using vbulletin and i don't wish other people to have it

    Statistics & Logs
    remove View PHP Info

    Import and Maintenance
    remove Database Backup
    remove Repair/Optimize Tables
    remove Execute SQL Query [yes i know there is an option, i just want it removed]
    remove View PHP Info

    if someone has the opportunity to tell me specifically what i need to do, my community would love it.. my knowledge is moderate, my time is short

    many thanks in advance
    online community of like minded people

    be the change you wish to see in the world

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    each admin gets his own set of permissions, so you can disable thos for anyone including your self granted you are a superadmin


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      while i appreciate that i can edit them, this is out of concern that there may exist an exploit will allow a user to get admin and then they will have access by default, so i just want it removed

      i just KNOW that certain people will try to gain access to my site so i want to be 10000% sure that i have my dbase protected

      i have .htaccess files on important places, but i won't feel better until i make this step
      online community of like minded people

      be the change you wish to see in the world


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