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Installation staging let's make this clear

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  • Installation staging let's make this clear

    First let me say kudos to the vbulletin team. VB3 looks to be a great upgrade and my users want it badly. Just the inheritance of styles makes it worthwhile to me to upgrade.

    Having said this, I recently attempted to upgrade to gamma from vb 2.x.x along with a photopost installation which shares username/password database. Something went very wrong with the cookies and I'm trying to get a process documented by which I can attempt the upgrade again (this time to RC2).

    Here's what I hope to do, please comment.

    1. I have already installed PhotoPost 4.6 and set the appropriate configuration parameters to enable user name sharing.

    2. Install RC2 in forums directory (vb2 was installed in forum directory), import ACP settings that I had set previously via DEBUG=1 in config.php.

    3. Close old vb and make copy of sql database for upgrading to vb3.

    4. Close PhotoPost and change configuration to point to new vb3 database.

    5. Run vb3 upgrade script on database copy to completion.

    6. Import style settings into vb3 for usage on my forums. (I had exported these from my aborted attempt to upgrade to vb3 gamma).

    7. Reopen Photopost and vb3 in forums directory and check to make sure it is working ok.

    8. When satisfied that things are working ok after upgrade and customization change installed directory name of vb3 to "forum" and rename the directory that vb2 is installed from forum to forum_old.

    9. Reopen for business.

    Now the main question I have outstanding is about cookies. Can I leave the cookies in vb3 pointing to the default directory or do I need to change the cookie path in vb3 and PhotoPost to a new unique cookie path to keep from conflicting with any cookies set by vb2/PhotoPost in the old installation?

    Also will the installation into a forums folder name (to be renamed to forum) after installation is verified to be ok, cause any problems with user's cookies, etc?

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    Specifically I'm looking for input as to whether the staging of the new vb3 software in a "forums" directory until I get it right, and then moving it (by renaming directories) to the "forum" directory where my current forum is will likely give me any problems with cookies etc?


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      It won't cause any problems as long as you don't change the default cookie path and cookie domain settings. AS for what this will do to its interaction with PhotoPost, I don't know. We do not test or validate third party software such as this.
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        No problemo wrt the PhotoPost stuff. Just looking for your input on staging a switchover to vb3 from vb2 with minimal downtime.

        Also is it normal to have to relogin to each board when switching between them now (between the vb2 forum in the "forum" directory and the vb3 forum in the "forums" directory)? I am assuming this is because they are sharing the same cookie right now.


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