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    i done alot to customising my templates for the homepage, is there no other way than reverting it?

    EDIT - nevermind i fixed it, thanks scott you hit the nail on the head i hadn't added the images to the new forums directory when i upgraded.. thanks guys
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      PGT92, I think your problem is caused by PHP being run as a CGI. I've replied to your pm.
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        i'm affected by this problem too, php running as cgi, attachment images being broken on refresh, error 500.
        vb3 rc1, attachments in filesystem, thumbnails off.

        this worked on vb2.x, is there any workaround to have it work on vb3 too?


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          Upgrade to RC2, then if you still have a problem start a new thread with all the relevant details.
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            Still having this problem... any chance of a fix?

            As I mentioned in an earlier post, I replaced the "header('HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified');" lines in both attachment.php and image.php simply with "echo $attachmentinfo["$imagetype"];" and "echo $imageinfo["$data"];". This seemed to have resolved the problem, but I'm not exactly sure exactly what the downsides are of doing this. Would this cause a problem?