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Paid subscription admin woes

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  • Boettiger
    started a topic Paid subscription admin woes

    Paid subscription admin woes

    I need some help setting up the fee-based subscription mechanism.

    I've gone to PayPal, done the IPN thing and everything I need to do on that end, including entering the correct URL from my board into the IPN section of PayPal.

    I have paid subscriptions turned on and I have created a couple of test level subscriptions to see if it is working. One was a 0.01 per week and another was at 9.95/month just so I can see if it will allow me to sign up.

    After I created these in the options area, I double checked everything, logged out, cleared my cache and cookies, then logged back in as a non-member. It prompted me to click the register link. When I did I still got the message "This is a free board" and then I went to a reg page that didn't even mention any links to fee structures or subscriptions.

    What am I missing here? Is there some magical wand that I must wave in order for the reg form to change over and present the subscription options to folks?

    Or must I simply add PayPal links and then manually add new members myself and/or change their settings when they pay?

    As I understood it this was supposed to be fairly automated, but I have yet to discover how.

    Is there *anyone* who is successfully taking new paid subscriptions on an automated basis with 3.0 yet? If so please help clue me in...


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