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    my guess is they will know what to do.

    its them u should be asking not vb

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  • miccokid
    started a topic Moving servers

    Moving servers

    i am gettig ready to move my forum from hong kong to India. They say they will do it all for me. I am staying with the same company so they are hosting it ow but i want out of hong kong. Is there any info or insiht i should give them before the move or will they know what to do? Also is there anything I should do just incase there is some type of catistafic failure, IE bck up of some sort or anything? Any help or ideas would be great. I am running beta 7 and have not updated to the gamma version as i didnt think that the header and color changes made to my site would be as easy as just uploading the XMl file ike i did the firs time. That was easy, upload te images for the changes and then upload the styleand boom done. does anyone know if i can just upload the images and the XML file like i did before but with gamma and wil it still work and look the same or is the XML style, basic color changes and some small header work thats it. i would like to go to gamma. or where is ther skins or styles for gamma?

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  • DemOnstar
    Re install
    by DemOnstar
    Ok, what I plan to do is wait for beta 22 and when available, I will do a clean install other than update. I will update my WAMP server aswell with its new PHP update.

    Mon 17 Dec '12, 1:48am