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Administrator without access to admincp

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  • Administrator without access to admincp

    Is it possible to set an "administrator without access to admincp".


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    Just make them a Super Moderator...


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      Supermoderator is not an administrator.


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        Yes it Admin without access to the Admin CP.

        All Admin's do that Super Mods don't is access the Admin CP.


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          How to access to the supermoderatorCP ?


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            There is no Super Moderator CP. SMs can access the standard Mod CP.
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              This is purely a matter of semantics...however, it's Jelsoft that defines the terms here. In the Usergroup Manager there is a section entitled "Administrator Permissions". The two settings here are:

              From the Usergroup Manager:

              Administrator Permissions

              Can Moderate All Forums (is Super Moderator) Yes/No
              Can Access Control Panel (is Administrator) Yes/No
              Therefore, by Jelsoft's use of the terms, both SuperModerators and Administrators are Administrators. A SuperModerator is an Administrator without AdminCP access, while an "Administrator" is an Administrator with AdminCP access. In other words, the term Administrator when used as a description of one's "powers" is different from the Title of Administrator which specifies AdminCP access. A SuperModerator is an Administrator with a Permission limitation.

              You can say that since the SuperModerator is given the Title SuperModerator and not Administrator that he/she is not really an Administrator, but then again, you can easily alter the Title ot the Administators to something else as well (Webmaster, Boss, Chief) - wouldn't they still be Administrators?

              No, there is no "SuperModeratorCP", but the SuperModerator's ModCP can be different from the Moderator's ModCP. Semantics again.

              How come , when a SuperMod is Moderating, it's reported on "Who's Online" as Moderating, not SuperModerating? Because the addition of the "Super" prefix doesn't signify a fundamental difference in the actual Moderation process but the elevation of a Moderator to limited Administrator status.

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