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how do i do this?

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  • how do i do this?

    i post this question on another site where i got the hack from but in 2 days i still having recieved an answer...
    so forgive me for trying here....i was just hoping someone will help out...

    i installed the vbadvance homepage(index.php)...everything is great, i just would like to know how do i create multiple page just like the vbadvance homepage..i want to use those pages to create personal page for models and artist that i will feature on my site...

    the link to my site is listed below,click there the page that will appear is what i wanna duplicate but i wanna replace the middle section with photos etc.. on the the others pages i will create.


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    Unfortunatelty this is not the place to get help with hacks. You'll need to bump your thread at or wherever this hack is posted. Good luck.
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      this is a vB3 hack you recieved from I would suggest asking for help in the hack's thread indicated to you by floris on