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Cookie problem with some users?

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    Originally posted by TripleT
    I upgraded from beta7 to RC 2, the problem was solved on my board after that.

    Try what Scott suggested with the config.php
    i upgraded from 2.2.3 to RC 2 and from RC 2 to RC3
    and i Try what Scott suggested with the config.php . same problem


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      This problem was solved for em when I upgraded PHP and Apache. Hope it helps.


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        do you used the mycookies.php skript from scott? after installing this no users has had any problems at my board

        Some gallerys bridges/filters donĀ“t work with a prefix in config.php! coppermine and 4images lose the connection when the prefix is set!


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          Originally posted by
          do you used the mycookies.php skript from scott? after installing this no users has had any problems at my board
          yes and nothing to change with my users
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            any sloutions


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              Just a note. I am now getting several quries about users not being able to stay logged in. They must put in their password and username every time they come on the site since I upgraded from RC2 to Gold.

              Waiting and watching for any thoughts.
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                I recently went live with phpadsnew and I started have the cookie problem. I'm sure there is something with additional programs effecting the server setting regarding cookies.



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                  I'm having the same problem. Already tried everything suggested, even the php file that scott posted in the other thread. Nothing works.

                  Only a few people are having this problem.


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                    The following is posted on phpadsnew. I'm sure the software is over-writting VB cookies.

                    I've only found one problem and I would like some suggestions on a solution.


                    I've search this forum and the VBulletin forum extensively first off.

                    My heavy users on our board are complaining that since we installed phpAdsNew they have to login EVERY FIVE to TEN MINUTES. This is not a 'client side' cookie problem. I have verified this on other computers.

                    Here's what I have found:

                    1) I've made sure Innov. and Delivery Settings = P3P Policies
                    2) I've added NOI to the policy CUR ADM OUR NOR STA NID NOI
                    3) VBulletin Cookie Domain is blank - the default
                    4) VBulletin Path to Save Cookies is / - the default

                    I have installed phpAdsNew as a subdirectory of the main website/forums. I think phpAdsNew is overwriting the twenty cookie limit because it falls under the same domain name.

                    How can I correct this changing the phpAdsNew to another domain name using the existing configuration?

                    Is there another way to correct the cookie problems without changing the domain name?

                    We are currently using phpAdsNew 2.0 running on Microsoft-IIS 5.0, PHP 4.3.4 and MySQL 4.0.16
                    Here's the link :




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                      I'm having very similar problems right here! Under Netscape and Mozilla, I (almost) always get prompted to re-login on the vBulletin forum (and of course, I checked the "remember me"). But I never have problems on phpBB forums or my own vBulletin-based forum (which is still at 2.xx until I get a little better feeling about 3.xx).
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                        Originally posted by Silver_2000
                        I tried the mycookies.php....

                        It didnt work BUT it did raise a question.....

                        How many of us that are having problems are running PHPads ?

                        The only change I made recently was upgrading to the recent version of Phpadsnew. I remember it cause I finally fixed the maintenance script that hasnt run in months....

                        My members started complaining about the login issue about 4 days ago .....
                        I cant be sure when I upgraded phpadsnew BUT it was about that time...

                        I have no idea how they can be related but - I BET that the issues are related cause PHPads is making cookies

                        And troubleshooting 101 says "did it ever work ?"
                        "If Yes, then what changed"
                        Damn it - I'm running phpAds and am having this problem. So what's the solution?


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                          I'm also running phpAdsNew for our site, but on a completly different domain on the same server.



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                            I am having a lot of users complain of the same problems... mostly AOL users but not always.

                            I am on VB 3.0.3.

                            I set my cookie domain to:

                            I did this because I want the cookies to work on and

                            If I change it to blank, will all currently cookied users be logged out?



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                              I would leave the cookie domain blank and use the cookie prefix setting in config.php to control the cookies.
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                                If I change it to blank, will all currently cookied users be logged out?


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