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    My web site gets a daily average of 72,559 hits and 549 visits. But when I go to Google and do a search for “apppalachian trail” my site is listed on page 6. I know I should be listed as the first one on the list if they are going but the one that gets accessed the most. Am I doing something wrong in my Meta tags? I will include my Meta tags at the bottom of this message.

    How does Google choose the order from search results?

    How do I get my site to show up better in the Google list or sooner on the list?

    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=iso-8859-1">

    <meta name="description" content=" – An Appalachian Trail Information Site ">

    <meta name="keywords" content="Appalachian trail, Appalachian, Trail, thru-hikers, thru-hiking, backpacking, trekking, trek, backpack, backpacker, photos, white blaze">

    <meta name="robots" content="all">

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    vBulletin 2.2.7 threads URL's are too long and uses ?blah=x&blah=y in it. vBulletin 3 has this fixed much better and doesn't include session hashes etc. has a hack called 'vb archive' or indexer, it is great to have a archive (search engine friendly) version of your site. It will at least double the traffic from google bots and gets you ranked higher.
    vbulletin version 3 has such an archive/ feature by default. so that is a win/win situation that version 3.


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      I was reading the google files and it said that when google hits a ? in the url it stops its search from going through the rest os the site and exits.

      So my question is. What is the purpose of the ? in the url and is it needed. I removed a couple ? in some urls through out VB and they still seem to work.

      If I leave the ? out will that hurt anything? And will it really help my search and improve my listing in google?


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        Google does not stop at the ?. You can see this very clearly by searching for some term, e.g. gamma on this site.

        You may thinking of other search engines, some of which do have a problem with the ?. vBulletin requires the question mark in the URL to function. Removing it will cause your board to simply not function on the vast majority of pages.


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          Google indexes vb3 fine.

          attroll, in simple terms, you need far far more than just meta-tags and a title to rank well one Google. For a start, it helps if you have lots of offsite links to your site - or, better still, a particular page.

          It is a horrible misconception that title and meta-tags = good search ranking. To acheive that usually requires a lot of hard work.

          If you want further information about Search Engine Optimisation then visit somewhere like for a beginner's primer.

          But, really, expect to need to put in a lot of hard work - and the more competitive the term is, then the more hard work you need to put in.

          And also epect it to take around 4-8 weeks for your first SEO attempts to even begin to have an impact on your PageRank and backlinks displayed.


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