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Can we discuss Backups for Newbies?

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  • Can we discuss Backups for Newbies?

    I could not successfully backup the database without changing by CHMOD to 777. Isn't it dangerous to have a public directory with Write and Execute access?

    I don't know alot about Unix, but I thought if you allowed write and execute access to a directory to the public, someone could upload and execute a file of their choice. Or am I wrong?

    Also, what command would I give to do a scheduled backup?

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Hmmm... Am I hallucinating, or did the backup routine return permissions to 755 when it was done?
    2005 GMC Sierra Diesel Pickup "Casper" 10.59 @ 129
    World's fastest production diesel pickup 174.586mph Bonneville 2008.


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      In order to be sure that you get a complete backup, it is suggested you do not use the backup utility in admin cp.

      Instead follow the steps outlined in Step 1 below:

      The command line I use is:

      mysqldump -p databasename > /path/to/dump.sql


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        The moving servers link looks broken. Can you tell me where to fnd that info?


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          Okay, so I want to try backup my database using PhP My Admin... but under export there are a lot of options which should I select / not select?

          The options:
          ..Add "drop table"?
          ..Add AUTO_INCREMENT Table?
          ..Complete Inserts?
          ..Extented Inserts?
          Save as file? (Okay and where would that file go? My computer or the server?)

          Thank you for any help guys!


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            FYI, the instructions for moving servers are in the online manual here:

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              That worked thanks Steve.

              Just two easy questions:

              1. Does the dump file contain all the files I need to restore VBulletin on a server if it crashes / gets damaged? (Excluding the files you download when you first buy VB)

              2. Do I download that from my server in .ascii or binary format to save it on my computer?


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                ASCII format, its juts one really big text file


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                  So all the backup files are in that one file then? Right....
                  Originally posted by Zachery
                  ASCII format, its juts one really big text file


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                    This contains all data that is in the DATABASE, it doesnt include any files that are on the server.

                    The database holds, posts, threads, users, attachments (by default). styles anhd such


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                      Okay. But say that my entire server up and died for some reason and nothing was recoverable. Would that have enough info to get the board back up and running on the "original" VB style and setup then?

                      Sorry. I'm not real familiar with VB Code and how it works. Just concerned with whether I would have enough data to rebuild a board if it crashed.



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                        Yes, the only thing you would need to do is get a fresh copy of the files from if you lost them, after that the worst thing is you might need to upgrade to the newest vrsion


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                          Great. Alright. Since you are very helpful... is there anyway to know if the backup file is complete? Like is there a line at the bottom that would tell me that the entire database is there and not corrupt?


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                            See Above post as well..

                            I am just finding it odd that the backup is like 560 Mb.. while in php my admin if you total the sizes of the tables in the database it says they equal 645 or so Mb.


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                              Did you run the --opt command from the ssh line?

                              If your backing up with phpmyadmin your not going to be able to complete it with a database that size.


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