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Registration procedures for visually-impaired or blind people (image verification)

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  • Registration procedures for visually-impaired or blind people (image verification)

    Do any of you have special registration procedures for visually-impaired or blind users because they might need help to register, especially when requested to input the image verification code?

    I am creating a site (community service) for some elderly people who would like to have a message board. Unfortunately, some of the people have poor vision and thus rely on voice-output programs for text.

    I am contemplating using a help ticket form requesting their phone number and email address so those with special needs are accomodated. I was wondering how some of you might approach this problem. I have even considered turning off image verification altogether.

    Our site offers free web-based e-mail accounts created with a vbulletin account. That is why we are bothering to use it at all.

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    I dont use it, and have never needed image verification.

    If you've never had any problems about the registration process, give it a go, you might not need it.


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      I am registered as blind and i would suggest turning it off. It is hard to read as the image is not pure txt, its like one of them colour blind tests, very hard to see.

      You could block free email addreses like yahoo, hotmail and so on so that users will have to imput a registered ISP email, that will put people off from registering if they dont realy want to.