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vb3.b7 default style doesn't want to display properly

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  • vb3.b7 default style doesn't want to display properly

    when I upgraded and tried the default style the references to this icon
    seemed wrong .
    i've attached a screen shot , sorry it is in .bmp format

    it appears only to be this icon that has the problem
    <td align="left"><img src="1" border="0" alt="" title="" />&nbsp;</td>
      <td nowrap="nowrap"><span class="smallfont">
    this is the HTML for the specific part too
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    its not quite 24 hours but I'd like to bump it anyway.

    the reason the screenshot is green is that I didn't save it as 24-bit color as the attachment was too large. It should of course be the default purple.

    would it be an xml style file problem does anyone know ? or a template prob ?

    actually it looks like no one has downloaded the attachment besides me (twice).
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      have you reverted any modifyted templates?


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        Originally posted by Faranth
        have you reverted any modifyted templates?
        it was like that when i upgraded, and didn't touch any templates.
        actually i upgraded twice (due to a different problem) and both times it looked like that from the outset.
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          did you upload all the new images in their correct place?


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            the file is there alright. in fact all the files are there. it seems to be the template or conditionals for the default icon is showing up without the style vars now that I think of it.
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              there are now newly defined image paths
              before it was

              now its

              so if you modifyed any templates, and you havent reverted them. that woudl be a problem, also if you didnt upload the new images for beta 7.

              the only other thing i could think of would be to check the smilie/icon paths


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                forumdisplaybit template is the one I should be playing with right ?
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                  how about $lastpostinfo[icon] ?

                  seems a bit confused. as far as i can work it out. it just displays <img src="1" border="0" alt="" title="" />

                  can anyone help. it is happening with the default style which i didn't edit and the current style.

                  I upgraded from 2.3.0 to vb3.b7
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                    Thread Display Options (showthread) >> Show Default Post Icon

                    was the option that was set somehow automatically in the admincp.
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                    widgetinstance 262 (Related Topics) skipped due to lack of content & hide_module_if_empty option.