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Any compatible vb2 CMS portals for vb3?

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  • Any compatible vb2 CMS portals for vb3?

    I really don't know where else to ask this, but I am just curious. Has anyone successfully converted a vb2 CMS portal to work with vb3? Right now I have a site that has vb3, and the members are roasting me for not having the vbportal we had running. I would ask this in but they will just remove it...

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    We do not track development of third party projects. The most appropriate place for this question would be the vBPortal website as they would be the ones who would have to upgrade their software to work with vBulletin.
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      Well I'm aware the vbulletin team themselves wouldn't have that information, but I was hoping someone in this vast community would. I am aware that one is active in private beta form, but not maybe another one is available.