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Users see "0 posts" for a private forum on the forum page.

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  • Users see "0 posts" for a private forum on the forum page.

    I've double checked their rights to this private forum, but it's showing up as 0 posts.

    They see no posts in the forum if they click on the link. There *are* posts there.

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    Are they old posts? Try getting them to change show posts from the beginning.


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      I double checked..

      She *does* see posts once inside the forum, and there was a post only 4 hours ago.

      I had her change it to last week... (instead of last day) -- and it still says 0 posts (after a Ctrl+F5 refresh).


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        I'm having other users report that they see:

        0 posts, last post = never

        I don't see that, but they do.

        What permission is set incorrectly?


        Alright, as VB3 supports multiple groups, this may be the cause. I leave everyone in the registered group, then add them to any other private groups that need access to the other forums.

        So... In this private forum, I have registered users are denied access
        But those in Group1 are allowed to post, view, etc...

        So, someone that is in the Registered Group AND in Group1 -- what is the result? Does DENY take precedence over Permission in Group1? Is there a way to do this effectively? I'm familiar with NT File Security permissions and understand that if you DENY the EVERYONE group access to something, then, no matter if you've permitted access to that thing in another group - the DENY rule takes precedence.
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          I'm still trying to figure this one out.

          If : member25 is in Group1 has access to Forum2.
          AND: member25 is also in Registered which is denied access to Forum2

          What is the result? Is it the problem I'm seeing? Where they don't get to see the last message, poster, # of posts, etc... But if they go into the forum, it looks fine?

          What is the deal here?


          If this is the case, what is the point of having multiple groups? I don't want to have a group for every combination of access that everyone would need to have. Nor do I want to go through and change each access mask individually. I think the groups were created to avoid this, but it's not working properly -- or I don't have it set correctly. But I don't know the solution until someone that knows the answer to this problem provides some input.
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            I still haven't figured this out.

            Does anyone have any suggestions?


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              I'm curious as to why no one else has either

              A) Experienced this themselves

              B) Come up with a possible solution

              C) Pointed it out to a Developer that can give me an answer.

              This is pretty disappointing.

              Users currently don't know new posts are being made to private forums. That's not good.


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                I'm having trouble following your different posts, but I believe the '0 posts' issue is designed behaviour.
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                  Which means, ..... ?

                  So it's that way by design?

                  My users, who are all a member of the Registered group (everyone is, that's registered).

                  From there, I have put various members into groups that have access to different private forums. Some members need to have access to more than one private forum, so they are, naturally members of more than one group.

                  The Registered group is denied access to the private forums (hence, they are private).

                  But they ARE members of a group that has access to that.

                  So, if this were NT file security permissions, I would see why this would be an issue, because Registered users are DENIED access. But, in NT file security permissions, there is a third option to not explicitly grant access, but not deny. Therefore they aren't allowed access by a particular setting, but if another permission grants it, then they ARE allowed access- allowing multiple membership in groups that would allow members to have different levels of access without creating a group for every possible combination of private forum access.

                  I hope that was a bit clearer.


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                    I thought my summation was very clear - and I have a hard time believeing that no one else is having this problem.

                    I've also seen just recently that a member that did NOT have access to a forum (only it's parent, and I'm not using inherited permissions on this forum) created a post in this private forum. Something tells me the groups aren't exactly bulletproof yet.

                    But no one else has this issue? I'm amazed. (and apalled that something this serious would be ignored for so long)


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