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Scheduled tasks stopped working???

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  • Scheduled tasks stopped working???

    I tried to post some images. Something happened and I ended up aborting the post. Some of the images actually uploaded and are stored in my attachments folder but do not appear in the post. I deleted the post but the images remained in the attachments folder.

    When I try to repost the images I get an error that I have to wait an hour for the cleanup to to take place.

    I went to investigate and found that my hourly cleanups havn't been working for 2 days!

    I need to know why and how to fix it.

    Hourly Cleanup August 10th, 2003 07:05 PM Edit Delete
    Hourly Cleanup #2 August 10th, 2003 06:20 PM Edit Delete

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    I think I know why they stopped working.

    I bought the non-branded license. I tried to remove the copyright notice in the footer and pulled the reference to cron out with it.

    I would appreciate you guys telling me exactly how to remove the copyright notice without disturbing the functionality off the product I purchased.

    <!-- Do not remove this copyright notice -->

    $vbphrase[powered_by_vbulletin]<br />$cronimage

    <!-- Do not remove this copyright notice -->



    Tell me how to adjust this code please.


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      Take out:

      $vbphrase[powered_by_vbulletin]<br />

      But leave:



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        Thank you, just a note tho.
        I have since reverted back to the original footer code and
        the scheduled task date/time passes without them being

        This is not good. I have noticed other people with this problem.
        For me, NONE of the tasks get executed.

        I am going to make the adjustment you advised.
        This bug is a big one. I hope it is resolved soon.

        Thanks for your help.


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          Every time I've seen this issue, it's because the cron image wasn't in the footer.

          Note that only one task is run per page view. Refresh the page several times and then look at the scheduled tasks page in the CP -- you should see some run times in the future. The are run in the order of oldest to newest.

          Alternatively, you can view the source of a page and look for a reference to "cron.php" at the bottom. If you see one, then the system thinks it needs to run a task and it should've run one on that view.


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            Ok, I have the scheduled tasks working perfectly now.
            However, they do not appear in the scheduled tasks log.
            Is there a switch somewhere to enable scheduled task logging?

            They were logging fine before.


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              I believe some tasks only log if they actually did something.

              But each task has a "Log Entries" switch -- make sure that's yes.


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